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Our Approach to Bring The Way To Schedule Appointments Into The Present


What is fitUin for Providers?

fitUin App makes finding a new doctor/health professional simple and convenient. Essentially, the app drives new patients to your office. fitUin enables people to search and book doctors’ appointments from one convenient place, even those with hectic schedules. Patients can search for appointments based on time, date, distance, and specialty… all from an app on their phone. fitUin App is FREE to the patients.


Why do you need fitUin?

At times, there are new patient appointments in your schedule that are left unfilled. This can be due to last minute cancellations, or just simply because no one scheduled. This
lost revenue for the provider reaches much farther than just one unused new patient appointment slot. The lost revenue extends to future appointments with that potential patient, and future referrals. One unused new patient slot can literally cost a provider thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

With fitUin, you can upload available appointments at any time of the day, and immediately be connected with patients seeking your help. fitUin can also free up your employees and allow them to spend less time on the phone and more time working on more important things. Whether it is for one appointment a week, or multiple appointments a day, allow fitUin to take care of your new patient scheduling needs.


How difficult is it to use fitUin?

Just log onto the web app and confirm your available appointments. Once you have an appointment that you want fitUin to fill, upload the appointment time to the website and our system will automatically list that appointment for users/patients to see. Once a user tries to book an appointment, you will be sent a notification with the future patient’s symptoms, insurance information, and other basic information. After
reviewing their information, you can choose whether you would like to accept or decline the appointment. It’s that simple!


How will you control who schedules?

You will need to create different profiles for yourself and for staff members. As a provider, you will have the administrator account. As such, you can access all the information regarding subscriptions, office demographics, and employee accounts. Most importantly, you control which office staff will be allowed
to add appointments.


How much does fitUin cost?

fitUin App is absolutely free to the user/patient. Just download and create a profile and you are all set to go.


Tele-med Providers

Do you want to be able to consult with patients online? If so, list those appointments on fitUin and treat patients from the comfort of your own home.


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